Calc2LaTeX installation on 2.0

English/ Japanese

Below you will find step-by-step instructions to install Calc2LaTeX on 2.0.


Before you install Calc2LaTeX, download a zip file from here and extract it somewhere.


Click 'Tools'-'Macros'-'Organize Macros'-' Basic...'.


You will see ' Basic Macros' dialog box. Select 'My Macros' and push 'Organizer' button.


Click 'Libraries' tab, and confirm that 'My Macros & Dialogs' is selected on the list of 'Location.' (If not, select it.)

And then click 'Append' button.


You will see a file dialog, so select 'script.xlb' which you have extracted from the zip file in advance.


'Append Libraries' dialog box will show. Check 'Calc2LaTeX', and push 'OK'.

If you want to update Calc2LaTeX on your machine, check 'Replace existing libraries' option.

That's all. You can close dialog boxes opened in above-mentioned steps. And also you can delete the zip file and the extracted files.

Enjoy Calc2LaTeX!